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Now that the campaign is well behind us I'd like to share a few things I learned along the way, as well as an initiative that I'm supporting. I will continue to be involved in our democracy as we move forward, and will be supporting the efforts of Sarah Peters – our new District 24 Assemblywoman – as I hope you will be. 

Campaigning for office was a great experience. As most of you know, I simply couldn’t watch the news any longer and do nothing. I just had to get involved, and I am proud of the fact that all of you were also involved. I feel that this was our contribution to the resistance. 

As I was speaking with voters I realized that many people don't want to be identified with either party. The fastest growing segment of new registered voters is non-partisan. This is a trend that both parties should take notice of. It was an eye-opener for me to learn that as a non-partisan voter in Nevada you cannot vote in the primary if your party has no candidate running. You must settle for a candidate in the general election that doesn’t necessarily share your views in any way. It seems that it's time to change this. I support an idea for Nevada that has worked well in other states and cities called ranked choice voting. It opens our election to everyone, no matter your party affiliation, or if you are non-partisan and have no party at all. It eliminates the spoiler effect so that voters are free to vote their conscience without fear of sending their vote to the candidate they didn't want. This system has been shown to discourage negative campaigning, increase voter turnout, mitigate impact of money in politics, provide more choice for voters, and will save Nevada counties an estimated $6 million. For a good explanation of how ranked choiced voting works, go to Nevadans for Election Reform  or Fair Vote


Tom Stewart

Friends of Tom Stewart
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